Monica Calderon

Our signature hexagon product line derives organically from the chemical composition of resin. M?nica Calder?n

M?nica Calder?n is the founder and creative director of the MONICACALDERON? studio. During the last decade, working with four different manufacturing companies, MONICACALDERON? has experimented with various manufacturing techniques, culminating in the stunning res-in line.

Before launching her design studio in 1997 M?nica created a line of home accessories called 'Complements', which enabled her to explore her fascination with different materials.? During those explorations, she fell in love with what she believed to be a forgotten material, resin.

In 1998, M?nica Calder?n found a unique form of expression, creating resin objects with a variety of textures, colors and shapes.? Soon thereafter, she created her own distinct collection under the brand MONICACALDERON?, transforming this material into various contemporary, functional and decorative products.

At Monica?s res-in factory, products range from jewelry to decorative housewares, furniture, sinks, tubs and even art installations that are designed, developed and produced exclusively out of the pliable material.

 Monica gives personality to each of her collections, always innovating with new techniques and working closely with her team of designers and artisans. Her distinctive collections are made in Mexico, but sold internationally with widespread critical acclaim.