Each design goes through a series of shaping, molding, sandblasting, polishing and hand carving by skilled artisans. Slight imperfections or even small air bubbles may be found in the material. This is a characteristicof the process used and adds to the beauty of our machine and handmade products.

All of our designs are:

  • Durable.
  • Break Resistant.
  • Food Safe.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Stain resistant against natural colors in foods and liquids.
  • Dishwasher safe and tested to meet both consumer and industry standards (except espresso and amber finishes).
  • Be sure to never use sharp objects or abrasive cleansers on our materials.
  • Scratches. If scratches occur, they can be easily removed. Simply place a drop of olive or vegetable oil or even use a cooking spray like Pam. Use a Dobie or Scotch Brite pad with mild soap and water and scratches will disappear.
  • Loss of Luster? The material may become lightly frosted after dishwashing from detergent residue. If this occurs, it can be easily removed with a few drops or vegetable or olive oil with a soft cloth and then rinsing with mild soap and water. This process will restore it to its original luster.
  • Candle Holders. Since our materials are not fire resistant, a glass insert must always be used with a lit candle. Please note that flames cannot touch the material. The flame must always be below the glass insert. Certain vases can be used as candleholders or hurricanes as long as a glass holder is between the candle and material.