MC Studio makes special collaborations with renowned designers,architects, chefs and artists, to bring new ideas and sensibilities to the collections.



The chair, as a design piece, is reproduced in series due to acceleration of production models of the early twentieth century, creating a fracture between the industrial and the artisanal work. Our intervention establishes a dialogue between both universes through the fusion of the emblematic piece with the craft processes of weaving, casting, molding and polishing the resin.

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This furniture collection, presented during Zona MACO 2019, is the result of the collaboration of designers Ezequiel Farca, CristinaGrappin and Moises Hernandez for CALA. The idea came from chromatic experiments withdifferent tones of resin, a translucent material thatplays with hues when it blends with light. Eachpiece was designed from sections assembledwith resin.The collection consists of an oval table with aresin top and plywood base, a round table witha resin top and a hand-carved white onyx baseand a side table made entirely of resin with abrass assembly in the center. The result of thiscollaboration is a family of table-objects thatexplore the color possibilities of resin and lightwith timeless elegance and harmony.